Which Score?

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whichscore2-150x150Nowadays there is so much attention given to sport on TV, radio and in daily newspapers, that there is one particular word which we hear time and time again. The word is ‘score’. In most sports, making a point against the competitor, is to score a point against the competitor, or a goal, etc., depending on which form of sport is being discussed.
Score can be used as a verb or a noun, ‘What’s the latest score?’ ‘Who scored the winning goal?’ The word originates from the time before the general population was able to read or write, i.e. before they were literate. In order to have a record of the two sides of a competition, a mark was cut into a piece of wood for each point a competitor made against the other, i.e. the piece of wood was scored.
If we go into a butcher shop today, to buy a piece of pork (meat from a pig /swine/hog) and if the meat has some outside skin on it, the butcher may ask if we would like it scored. If we say yes, he will cut the thick skin into parallel lines. And now, just to help (or confuse) you, let me mention ‘score’ in a completely different context. In the world of numbers, a score is exactly equal to 20. As such, farmers, for example, would explain the weight of an animal in scores, especially at an animal market. So an animal of four scores would weigh 3 x 20 lbs  (pounds). In these modern times, scores have been largely replaced by kilos.
There is a quotation from the bible, which speaks of a man reaching ‘three score years and ten’. Meaning that he was seventy years old. The word ‘score’ is still often used today, in the meaning of relatively many. ‘Where there many people at the meeting?’ ‘Oh yes, there were scores of people there.’ ‘Have you ever been to London?’ ‘Yes, I’ve been there scores of times.’ Believe it or not, there’s yet another meaning of that same word.
A music score is a name for the full written form of a music composition. In an orchestra, for example, the conductor (the man with the little stick) reads from the score, the musicians will read their individual orchestral parts. I wonder if I may have missed another meaning or two, but I definitely haven’t missed scores of them.
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