Logs – Past and Present

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firelogsThe subject of my last blog seems to have created a mind–set in my thinking (day dreams?). It leads me on to romanticise about cold, dark evenings and a winter fireplace in the lounge/living room. What a contrast, when we come into our house, shivering from the cold, or dripping wet from the rain, and then see before us a log fire in the open fireplace, radiating warmth and good cheer. Some of us may remember such evenings. In the meantime, the increasing use of central heating systems, has largely done away with the romantic log fire. And we mustn’t forget those people, who live in more Southerly climes, where cold winters are something  that they can only read about. In fact, we Northeners often envy them, for their outdoor way of life, their sunlit beaches and blue seas. I wonder, if they sometime envy us for our romantic log fires! Either way, I shall not allow my romantic day dreams to be obliterated by the thought of sunny beaches, central heating, or the electronic logs of the computer. I think, that this is where I must end this article, before I confuse my wood logs with my electronic logs, because I must now work with the latter, or you will never be able to read this.

dripping   –   little drops of liquid, e.g. rain, as they run down, off a substance
log   –   a length of wood,  cut from a tree
climes   –   climates
obliterate   –   to make something become absent.