What now?

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AfD, UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) What else? These are some relatively new political parties in our two countries. There are also other groups trying to become recognised political parties. The old original parties seem to be losing attraction for our younger generations. Even within these parties there are big disagreements. For example, the British, long established, Labour Party is in total confusion, about which line of left wing to follow. The present leader is said to be almost communist. Other members are more left of centre. In the right of centre is the Conservative Party. Their members are either extreme right or more moderate right. They were divided between leaving the EU, or remaining in it. A nationwide referendum voted to leave. So now we have that great problem to solve. Similar situations are developing in France, Italy and Spain. Is the EU, as we know it, coming to an end? I think that there are many political surprises for Europe still to come. What’s your opinion?